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Some projects just aren't robust enough to get their own page - but that doesn't make them any less exciting, interesting, or fun to work on! This is my collection of work that's good enough to spark something bigger but isn't quite there yet.



The concept for Vendi was a vending machine where you could purchase art prints.  The thought was that this could be a cost-effective way for artists to sell their work without traveling to artists' alleys and conventions. The brand I chose is the print studio InPrnt. And of course, I filled my vending machine with my favorite artists. It could also be a cool concept for concerts and other merch as well!

  • Cinema 4D

  • Photoshop


Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

This narrative 2-minute short film is based on the poem Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep by Mary Elizabeth Frye. We reinterpreted it to be about growing up and the end of childhood. The video features footage from Maddy's childhood.

Concept: Jael, Dennis and Maddy

Editor: Jael Williams (Me)

Videographer: Dennis Liu

Narrator and Actor: Maddy Crews

Archival Footage: The Crews Family

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