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K-Pop has created a strong interest in Korean cosmetic brands and techniques. With this in mind, create a retail experience for Stonebrick's arrival to US markets.


Unlike Korean Skincare - Korean Cosmetic brands have struggled to get a foothold in the US. Stonebrick must differentiate themselves from the other amorphous label "K-Beauty", as well as brands currently sold in the US.


Korea and American trends are converging. Stonebrick's vivid colors, playful storage system and ethos around make-up as a form of play and self-expression make them ideal to maneuver these complex waters.

The Solution

The Flag Ship

Stonebrick -2.png

234 Canal St #112, New York, NY 10013

Stonebrick was going to need a home base. We chose to New York as the flagship location because it is ranked the #1 most creative city in America by Creativity and the presence of a creative culture was an important factor because we want to place Stonebrick stores in locations where self-expression are valued and means of self-expression are sought.


We chose to place the flagship in Koreatown alongside other K-beauty US flagships where it could easily be found by those searching for Korean products. 

Stonebrick -3.png

Custom Color

The store will feature a Custom Color bar where customers can have any shade of lip, cheek or face product made to their desired specification or color needs.


Old and the New

The technology was created by Pantone and previously used by Lancome. CustomBlend products come in signature white and clear packaging instead of the colorful matching packaging currently used. The custom blend products also include Stonebrick's plug system so they can be added to Stonebrick plates. 

The Pop-Ups

Stonebrick will also host a series of pop-ups in the country's other most creative cities. Each pop-up will host a local creative with a custom, limited edition make-up collection.

Pop Up 1

San Francisco, #2 Most Creative City

Collab with: Nava Rose, Fashion Influencer

Because Stonebrick's core message is about creation and play - Stonebrick's influencers will be from a wide variety of creative fields be it fashion, make-up/beauty, fine art or even tattooing!

Pop Up 2

Portland, #6 Most Creative City

Collab with: Kailey Flyte, Make-up Artist

Pop-ups can also help Stonebrick gets a sense of regional tastes, build awareness, and help them navigate where they can build their next retail experience.

Pop Up 3

Washington, DC,  #11 Most Creative City

Collab with: Imani Brown, Tattoo Artist and Fashion Designer


Retail and event design are where I would like to specialize. This project was so exciting because there was so much to make. It was difficult to bring it all together on a standard MacBook Pro, but we pulled through. 

In the future, I would like to make a thorough list of ways this design can be pushed further by asking myself what limitations we placed on the design. I would also like to make a list of tall the signage to be made, furniture needed and small objects so that when I recreate this space in it's new design we know all the areas and spaces to be spotlit.



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