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BC Collective is a co-op of students at the Brandcenter from marginalized communities. 

BC Collective began in 2018-2019 and aims to foster an open community, create cultural understanding, and provide a space for all students to feel seen, heard, and understood. BC Collective is in its fourth iteration. Its founding members were Belem Medina (XD, 2019), Beka Tesfaye (CBM, 2019), Miguel Atkins (CBM, 2019), Imani Lee Sherrill (ST, 2019), and Mykala Daniel (ST, 2019) but has since ballooned to over 20 students. Every one of us has a deep love for Brandcenter and aims to leave it a better place than we found it.

For 1 year - I worked with my co-administrator of the Collective. We created meeting agendas, managed projects, and events, collaborations, and handled the daily, weekly and monthly running of The Collective (as well as acted as the de facto crisis management and human resources team). 

Our iteration of The Collective was formed during the onslaught of Covid - in the midst of lost opportunities, social upheaval, and change we mobilized to help our fellow students navigate the trauma and confusion they might be experiencing. 

Hosted LGBTQIA+, Allyship, and Conflict Resolution panels as well as brought awareness to national and global issues via our social media.

Timely & Relevant


We moderated over 40 official BC Collective Meetings as well as innumerable team check-ins, meetings with faculty, staff and advisors.


We hosted 3 volunteer opportunities to benefit the Richmond community.


On Election day - we handed out over 600 bags of hand sanitizer, candy, and water to those waiting in line to vote.  


Oversaw the planning of more than 20 virtual and in-person events.

Average Attendance: 30
Highest Attendance: 106

The Space to Unapologetically & Proudly Be

More than anyone else, students from marginalized communities know that our amazing, fast-paced education is not happening in a vacuum. 

We are keenly aware of what's happening socially, culturally, and politically outside the Brandcenter because we can't ignore the direct impact on our families and communities. The weight of this knowledge and constant engagement is exhausting and that's why the Collective offers spaces for students to just exist as they are - no questions asked. Be it game nights, trivia nights, or just calls to check in with the student body. Everyone is welcome without question, everyone has a seat at the table.

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