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The honey pot co.

Service and UI Design



Alexandra Daniel, Strategist

Dinma Onyekwere, Brand Manager

Malcolm Richardson, Copywriter

Lauryn Goodlet, Experience Designer


UI Design

Art Direction

Graphic Design


Puberty is a stressful time for parents and kids alike. And as a menstrual product brand for humans with vaginas for humans with vaginas - How can Honey Pot ease the minor stresses of puberty like product education and staying stocked?


Puberty marks the next life stage for kids and their parents - it's stressful., intimidating - and packed with little nuisances like keeping the house fully stocked and figuring out what products to use.


The Honey Pot Co. can get kids and parents to explore the right products for them by creating a subsription box that breaks the mold of your typical box.

The Solution

The Honey Box

BoxwBackground2 copy.png

The service keeps households stocked and gives kids supervised control over the products they use while also giving them the resources to use them and manage their stress.

Part 1: App & Quiz


The subscription box service features a chatbot-style quiz. The app's chatbot can also be used to ask common period questions. The box is managed via the app we made. Users can access their box, explore products and get recommendations based on their lifestyle. The app merges with Apple Health and other period tracking apps to track the user's period and determine when the box should be sent out. 

Part 2: The Box


The box would feature 3-5 menstrual products with 2-3 extras like chocolate, a period towel for night accidents, or a travel pouch to keep products on hand while on the go. Unlike other boxes, every product in the box is customizable and swappable.

These example boxes - 1 for an athletic kid and 1 for travel feature period underwear, a towel to sit, sleep on, or cuddle, chocolate, a travel pouch and pouch of products as well as a detailed zine explaining how to use the products and busting common period myths.

Branding the Service

We used Honey Pot's current colors to develop the branding for the service starting with the app and branding out to the products. 

We decided to use simple illustrations, hand-drawn patterns and soft colors so that the products could appeal to both our youngest users (8-12 year olds) as well as parents and teenagers.


This project had a lot of pieces. The brand and product extensions like the period underwear, additional pouch kits and the app branding were all really interesting parts of this that I loved working on with Lauryn.

Dinma and Alex's strategy and helping them with the research really informed the design and art direction down the line.





Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

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